White Cat by Holly Black

My first review. Hmm let’s see. There may be some spoilers in this review. If you don’t mind knowing more than your average plot summary, then please do read ahead.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I honestly can say I was surprised by just how much I did, and wasn’t expecting it to make me think “Woah, this is so good.” 

There are some books that I read, and maybe they’re part of a series, and I think “I’m bound to like this because…” and I usually do (with the exception of the rare few)

And then there are the book series (or stand alones) that I have no idea what I’m going to think. Sometimes I read other people’s reviews and they might not be that encouraging, but I give it a go anyway. And sometimes I end up enjoying it, or I think “Why did I bother?” I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had that thought.

White Cat is about a boy named Cassel Sharpe who has, for his entire 17 years of living, been told he’s normal. The rest of his family are Curse Workers. Workers are people that can, with just a touch a hand, either: Transform you, Change your memory, Change your emotions, and in some cases, as with Cassel’s grandfather, Kill you.

Cassel is at an elite boarding school when he begins getting dreams and along with it, sleepwalking. The story starts off with him on the roof of the school building in the middle of night. He had been dreaming that a White Cat had bitten out his tongue and began chasing the cat.

These dreams of white cats do not end there. For three years he has thought he was the killer of Lila, a girl he had been in love with but was also somewhat of a bully. It turns out he hadn’t killed her, but had simply transformed her into a cat. I.e. the cat in his dreams? Lila.

His two older brothers, Barron and Philip, along with the whole family to be precise, are con artists. And had been working Cassel. He finds out his family have been keeping a very big secret from Cassel which could affect his whole life. He already thinks he’s a killer.

The story then winds out into the con of all cons and Cassel embarks on a very complicated journey in which he has to find out who he is, and how to return Lila back to human. He discovers his family isn’t all that he once thought and in among this, his feelings for two girls in his life. Plus his mother. 

There’s hints at romance in this book but mostly it’s dark, magical and full of mischief and discovery. I fully recommend this book to anyone. It’s Young Adult but that really doesn’t restrict the readers.

See, after this review I bet you’re going to agree that yes I am terrible at reviews, right? I really don’t blame you. Well, things can only get better. 🙂


What ever do I put?

Welcome to my 2012 Summer blog. 

So I’ve decided I’m going to put all my reading and movie seeing to good use and write some reviews. They aren’t going to be amazing … because quite frankly I’m terrible at reviews and at least this way I can get practice. Usually I put reviews on GoodReads, but most of the time I just rate it. This way I can think carefully about what I want to put.

Also, I’m going to San Diego Comic Con this year so I can also put things about that on here… if anyone wants to read it, that is.

I’m not exactly the best blogger… so you’ll have to excuse my ramblings. Some of us didn’t take Media courses at school. (ha. ha.). I will of course try to be open minded and well rounded in my reviews.

This will also be my blog for sharing what new pieces of writing I’ve started or – hopefully one day – finished. I also write fan-fiction, so maybe I’ll put up some recommendations too. How would you like that? Huh?

Also I will be putting what books I’m going to be reading and each month I’ll do a top 5 – or even a top 10 – books that I think you should DEFINITELY read.

Okay so that’s about it for the introduction… If there’s anything else I decide you should know, I’ll add onto this post.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I put (…) a lot so sorry if that gets annoying. xD

Wow, for someone who tweets A LOT, I really don’t put a lot in blogs, do I? Okay then.

Very well then. I welcome you to my new summer blog.